ui.draggable. exclusive

Adds exclusivity support to jQuery UI's `draggable` component

This project is maintained by Craga89


By default, draggable components will cause a drop event on all droppables that it overlaps when the drag operation ends (i.e. you release your mouse). There's no built-in way of ensuring only one droppable has its drop event fired. This plugin adds a new exlusive config option to allow this.


We needed a way of ensuring exclusivity of our draggables i.e. only one drop event per drag operation please! And since this isn't a native feature, we figured out a way and made this ui.draggable.exclusive plugin!



Simply include the jquery-ui.draggable.exclusive.js plugin straight after the jquery-ui.js file, and add an exclusive: true config option to your draggables. Bosh!

    <title>My awesome exclusive draggables</title>
<div class="draggable"></div>

<script src="/path/to/jquery-1.10.2.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery-ui-1.11.0.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery-ui.draggable.exclusive.js"></script>
    exclusive: true // Make it exclusive!


I implemented it, and my friend and colleague Steve Henderson came up with the concept behind it. Big props to him, it's an awesome algorithm (I hope you'll agree...)!


exclusive [default: false]

Turns the exclusivity of this particular draggable instance on. Required for the other options to take effect.

moveThreshold [default: 5px]

Number of pixels the mouse must move in any axis to cause a recalculation of mouse direction.

directionRatio [default: 7]

Amount of comparable axis movement needed in order to consider the movement of the mouse a majority "n-axis" operation i.e. moving the mouse x times more in one axis than in another.

This is used to prevent long tracking movements in one direction changing the value of another, hence preventing momentary retargetting of the draggable to other droppables

quadrantArea [default: 0.6]

Ratio of the draggables area to use when calculating an inner quadrant area. Default is 60% of the draggable area.

wideRatio [default: 3.5]

Ratio of width / height that needs to be satisfied for a shape to be considered "wide"

longRatio [default: 3.5]

Ratio of height / width that needs to be satisfied for a shape to be considered "long"


1. How did you... magic!?

Using dragagble sub-division, mouse direction tracking and point distance calculations... it's cool. Read the blog article for the deets.

2. Isn't this in the ui.draggable component already?

No. There is a greedy option, but that only effects nested droppables, not droppables close to one another.

3. What versions of jQuery / jQuery UI is this compatible with?

Requires jQuery 1.6.4+ and jQuery UI 1.9.0+.

4. I'm having problems with long/wide elements?

Play around with the wideRatio and longRatio options to find what works best for you.

5. X isn't working...

Found a bug? OR something isn't working? Report it on the bug tracker